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More than just a story...

This ministry is not being offered at this time.

Children’s Church is offered every Sunday morning during the 10:45 worship service for children 5-12 years old. It is our desire for the children to learn that God’s Word is more than just a story. We hope that they would know His Word to be living and powerful, containing all they need for life and godliness as they learn of Him. The children learn God’s Word through teaching, music, and object lessons.

It is our desire that the children at Heritage would come to know that the Bible is more than just a story. It is the living and active Word of God. The stories contained within the Word mean something; they teach us about God. With each Bible story that we tell, we want to teach about the greatness of our God and our glorious Savior with Whom we are to have a personal relationship. As children are taught God’s Word, we long to see the Word become a part of their everyday life so that even at a young age, they would know the Word, live by the Word, and look to the Word for answers to all of life’s questions and decisions. The Bible is not just a book of stories; it is God’s Word. We teach His Word so that the children might know Him.

Before each child leaves Children’s Church, we long to see that they have a personal relationship with Jesus, that they are comfortable in using the Bible, that they know that the Bible is the answer for their daily needs, and that they would know how to be a servant.

We desire to teach the children God’s Word alone. It has everything they will need for life and godliness. There are no greater stories to tell than the ones contained in the Word.
We use the Gospel Project curriculum from Lifeway in Children’s Church.  It is our prayer that the children would know that Jesus is much more than a man in the stories; He is the Messiah, our God and Savior with Whom we are to have a personal relationship.

What happens in Children’s Church?
* Singing *  Prayer * Personal Application
* Teaching * Review Games * Illustrations * Memory Verses * Object Lessons  

There are several needs within the Children’s Church ministry. If you are interested in serving, please contact the church office.