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November 29, 2020


Exposition of the Word



Pastor-Elder Jeff Katt

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December 6- Pastor Jeff


Service Sign Up - 11/29/20

Dear Church Family,

We hope and pray that you are rejoicing in our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.
We want to write to you in regard to the recent health order from our Governor and our services. We praise God that she has not tried to shut us down more severely, but in fact we have been open and fellowshipping since early April. After having rolled back our gatherings to 25% again this last week, in response to a another wave of the COVID virus, we would like to request that you sign up for services. In trying to comply with her order, we ask that you schedule attendance, as this limits our seating.
Although at the same time we realize our constitutional right of free assembly, we don’t want to prohibit you from gathering together with us, if by some difficulties your are unable to sign up, yet are desiring to attend, we prefer you attend with your blessed family, but ask that you for now, try not to make a habit of such unscheduled attendance. We much prefer to gather and give our God and His blessed Son the Lord Jesus Christ our reverent praises and our willing ears to His Life giving Word! Thank you for understanding these temporary measures, as we try to honor God and also men, whom He has placed in authority over us. We continue to monitor current data concerning the virus which we realize is at an all-time high, and try to guide us as God gives wisdom, to comply with His holy Word and yet as He has required us to comply with governing authorities.

We hope and pray that you are well in the Lord Jesus Christ, living in His blessed righteousness and joyfully giving thanks to our Father and His, who dwells in unapproachable light, Immortal, Invisible, the only God, above all, Holy and Blessed Forever! May the sweet fellowship of His Spirit, the perfect Love of His Son, and the exceedingly excellent knowledge of His Grace toward us His Saints continually uphold you with His peace!

In much grace and peace to you all our blessed church family whom we love, because of Jesus our Light and Life!

The Elders of HCF


Means of Grace Youth - 12/04/20

Means of Grace Youth will meet at the Ferreri Home on Friday, December 4th, at 6:00pm.


The Union - 12/04/20

The Union will meet at Heritage on Friday, December 4th, at 6:00pm.


Baptismal Service - 12/20/20

Heritage will hold a water baptism on Sunday, December 20th in the 2nd worship service. Please contact the church office by December 14th, if you would like to be baptized.



Are you interested in being discipled? Contact the church office and we will put you in contact with a discipler.